Cheap China Tours

When you are planning for a cheap China tour, you might need to work out a budget. The ideal vacation will give the most fun for the least spending. The following tips might help you save money on your upcoming China tours:

1. In general, the expenses on transportation command a big part of the budget. Travel by train if you have enough time. You can save a lot in this way. An example is, from Chongqing to Beijing, the full fare of round-trip flights costs about 2,800 yuan (US$337), while round-trip train tickets (soft sleeper class) cost only 1300 yuan. The difference reaches 1,500 yuan, excluding the one night stay on train.

2. Booking flight tickets early. You can save money by planning ahead for cheaper international airfares to China. There are many online sites which provide info about low-cost airfares to China (such as;;;; You can research nearly any Chinese city and airline costs there.

3. Hotel expenses can also cost a lot if you do not have good choices. It is important to bargain for the rate at each hotel. A good way is to book your room through a professional travel agency like Easy Tour China (we cooperate with more than 600 hotels in all over China, they give us big discount for our big purchase) before you start traveling. On the other hand, try to avoid the public holidays when booking hotels. Chinese hotels are often very affordable. During some public holidays, such as Spring Festival (usually at the first 10 days or the second 10 days of Feb.), National Holiday (Oct. 1-7), May Day (May. 1-3), the hotel rates could double or triple in some popular travel destinations.

4. You can stretch a travel budget for China, not only by booking hotels and airplane tickets early but by planning out a basic itinerary. Of course, you have to know your preferences. Would you rather save money in China by being part of a guided tour or would you prefer to plan your own schedule? Either way, you can save money. Just be sure to compare costs and then commit to the chosen option.

5. Stop at Visitor's Centers - Many of the towns that thrive on tourism will have a visitor's center that will offer discounts and coupons to different attractions and restaurants in their area. Look for them ahead of time by doing an internet search or look for road signs about them upon arrival.

6. Look for excellent deals on holiday travel as well. It will be wonderful if you find a cheap flight or a discount of the train or bus. This means you will have less money to save up for your holiday travel. It may take some effort and some sacrifices but it will be well worth it when the holiday of your choice rolls around and you are able to go where you want to go.

7. Book tour packages directly from China travel companies . The prices are cheaper and the designs of those trips are more to your specific taste. like, you know most people who come to China and go visit the great wall have been travelled along the same path, which can be quite boring sometimes...somehow the local network provide you with some amazing choices for a hike in China that you have never had.

8. Decide which Chinese restaurants, cultural attractions and shopping experiences are affordable for uour budget. In China, many restaurants are inexpensive, especially if travelers are willing to visit small restaurants frequented by locals. By planning ahead, you can enjoy the vast beauty and major attractions of China, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the trip is affordable and within your budget.

9. Pack light and use a packing list. Do be aware that items allowed on other country's planes may not meet Chinese regulations. A packing list tailored to meet Chinese regulations could have saved you even more money.

10. Know how to handle emergencies, this can help you save time and a lot of money during your holidays to China. In a major emergency, of course, a hospital visit might be necessary.


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