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China Muslim Tour

Take a Muslim Tour in China to understand the Muslim culture during your trip. Easy Tour China will lead travelers into well-known Muslim sites and share their knowledge of Islam, dining features and other aspect of Muslim life.

In the vast land China, travelers can have an easy understanding on Muslim culture. Our tours are skillfully arranged for travelers to visit the ancient mosque, taste delicious food that Muslims prefer, and explore their lifestyle. Below are some typical Muslim Tours in China.

Recommended China Muslim Tour 
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    Taking this trip to see the Muslims areas and sites in China and reward yourself to an exotic and enriching experience! You will get an in-depth understanding about the life, conditions, culture and progress of Islamic. The tour will showcase the fancy facts along the ancient Silk Road, as well as the fascinating cul ...
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    See the historical Muslim sites and monuments in the recent capital Beijing, the vibrant city Shanghai and the starting point Xian. Travelers can stroll on the old city quarter and understand the unique lifestyle, diet and special clothes and their spirits. You will enjoy other highlights in this China Golden Tr ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

 Have a good rest when possible during your trip to Xinjiang and other northwest part of China, because this region is extensive with its attractions scattered in different directions, sometime it requires a long drive from one spot to another.

It will be a good idea to take a pair of comfortable, walking shoes with you.

 It is helpful to take some medicine in case you might not be acclimatized to the drinking water.

During your trip to the Muslim area in northwestern China, please drink more bottled water and enjoy more fruits like grapes and melons because the weather is usually hot and dry, especially during summer from June to August, it will help ease the dryness as dry air takes moisture away from your body.

Be respectful of the unique local customs and habits of the local Muslim people. Visitors are only allowed to enter into the local family or mosques with permission, please dress properly.

It is better to avoid disputes with the local people. Try not to bargain with Uygur people in Xinjiang because they will get offended if you asked the price of their goods but not buy it eventually

China is vast in territory. If you will travel extensively in this country, please prepare enough different clothes for the diverse climate in this country, especially during spring and autumn period. The temperature may vary considerable in different parts of China.

 If traveling with children, please always keeps an eye on them. Do not allow small children out of your sight. A family suite or connecting rooms are ideal for family travelers if you have more than one child.

Watch out for the pickpockets, especially at the crowded tourist spots and local markets (bazaar). It will be safer to have your bag in front or hold it under your arm.

If you want to take pictures with ethnic minorities, be sure to get their consent before doing this.

Don't carry pork food or talk about the topic of pork in Muslim restaurants, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

Generally don't expect any alcohol in a Muslim restaurant. If you have some other requirements, please check with your local tour guide beforehand, he/she will give some valuable suggestions.