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A china visa is a credential that allows non-Chinese citizens to enter, leave or transit across China which is issued by Chinese visa authorities.  Single-entry China visas are usually valid for 3 months after the issue date and visitors can stay in china for up to 30 days. Double entry visa are for visitors who need to leave or re-enter mainland China.

Visas are classified into: diplomatic visa, courteous visa, service visa and general visa according to the status and types of passports held by aliens coming to China. General visas are divided into these sub-categories: F, L, Z, X, C, J-1, J-2, G, and D.

F Visa (Business Visa): issued to those foreigners who visit China for study, inspection, science/ technology/cultural exchange, business, training or other related activities for not more than 6 months.;
L visa (Tourism Visa): issued to those who enter China for touring, family visiting or other personal affairs (multiple-entry is not granted for this type of visa);

Z Visa (Working Visa): issued to those foreigners (as well as their family members) who are taking up a post or employment in China;

X Visa (Study / Student Visa): issued to those who come to China for study or intern practice for a period of 6 months or above;

C Visa (Crewmember Visa): issued to crewmembers on international aviation, navigation and land transportation missions and their accompanying family members;

J-1 Visa (Journalist Visa): issued for journalists who are posted to China for at least 1 year

J -2 Visa (Journalist Visa): issued to foreign correspondents on temporary interview mission in China;

G Visa (Transit Visa): issued to those who transit through China;

D Visa (Residence Visa): Issued to foreigners who are going to live in China permanently.

How to apply a China Visa
If you are from United States, Canada, you can obtain the china visa from the Chinese Embassies or consulates in New York, Los Angle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Ottawa, Toronto & China Visa Office in Hong Kong.

If you are not from US or Canada, just get help from the nearest PRC embassies or consulates; or just contact Easy Tour China and we can help with a valid passport to process the applications of China Visa.

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  • Asked by John Stewart
    2014-11-01 15:00
    i am interested in your China tours. We are in Pattaya. My girlfriend has a Thai passport & I have a UK passport. Can you organise visas & do you have an agent in Pattaya?
    Regards, John Stewart
    Answered by Ricky
    2014-11-01 21:18
    Dear John,

    Thanks for contacting Easy Tour China.

    We are more than happy to be of service to you and your girlfriend. After booking a tour with us, we can provide you with an invitation letter for the visa application, which can help you to apply for the tourist visa without any problem.

    For more details, our professional travel consultant will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Kind regards,


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