China Cycling Dietary Basic Guide

Food is an important part during a long-haul cycling tour. Most of the meals are included in our packages. However, there are still some tips you need to know before starting a trip with us.  

Food and Drinks

1. Food is easily ordered without language barriers in Guilin and Yangshuo. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for also. 

2. Chinese breakfasts usually include one or more of the followings: toast, noodles soup, fried egg, steamed buns, fried bread, milk, fruit and tea or coffee (instant). Lunch is relatively simple but nutritious in order to make the afternoon biking easier. Noodle with egg is a good example. Dinner is always in banquet style with plates of meat, fish, fresh vegetables, tofu and rice. For part of the biking experience, we’ll sample local specialties which make an import part of the huge variety of Chinese cuisine.

3. Snacks that good for energy recovering like banana or chocolate/biscuits are available from the supporting vehicle or local groceries. 

4. Bottled big brand filtered or mineral drinking water is provided for the duration of the cycling. Glucose powder (dextrose) is also provided as it transforms into energy quickly and is effective to muscle cramps.

5. Chinese believe a balanced diet between meat and vegetable is the secret of a long and healthy life. 

6. The rice noodle is so popular in Guilin areas and even in the whole Guangxi province, it is regarded more as a food than a snack.

Therefore, the rice noodles might be rider’s almuerzo when the diet condition is limited.  

food while cycling in China

Suggestions for cyclists in China

1. Eating too much salty food/snacks will cause the rapid consuming of the water and your energy. Spicy food is also not recommended for breakfast and lunch as it increases the possibility of diarrhea during our biking.  

2. Soda drinks will not help us to relieve thirst as we may feel thirsty again soon. Make your drink simple during biking is a smart choice. The most necessary drink for riders is boiled water/mineral water.

3. Keep feeding yourselves every 1-2 hours while cycling. Take a good rest. It will be too late to have food when your energy runs out. The best physical state is feeling just right, and you will not feel hungry or overfed. 

4. If the cycling plan shows that we will not have chances to have food supply around 12:00 at noon (this happens a lot when biking to rural/less-discovered mountain areas for the solo riders), take as much food as you can at 11:00 or 10:30 in the morning. Besides, it is better to take some food away with you.

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