Use the Gear Shifting Bicycles Correctly and Safely

Follow the right instructions to use the gear shifting bikes

Although we are not professional cycling athletes, still there are some tips helping us to better enjoy our leisure tours. Every cyclist knows how to ride a bicycle but only quite a few understand the proper and healthy way to control it.

Every bike has its own life! Yes! Before the tour starts, choose the bicycle frame based on your height and weight. The bike treats you well if you understand it. E.g. it is too risky to get over speed when bicycling on roads not well-paved. A cautious and slower riding with lighter gears helps you to keep strength.

Bicycles might be one of the greatest inventions in the world and they are our friends indeed. So an excessive usage of it will do harm to the bike and yourselves, especially when you are overweight. 

Bicycles instructions

Refuse the unsafe habits: Tips about Gear shifting when biking on the road

1. Tread your pedals with lighter power and use the inertance from the rotation when shifting your gears, better with a very short stop before the chain falls/rises. A correct gear shifting doesn’t make too much noise.

2. Ride by frequency not only by strength. A higher stepping rotation with comfortable gear combination brings you the same or even higher speed comparing to a biking with heavy gear combinations. And the first method protects your knees. It helps a lot to recover and makes sure your will not get exhausted very soon.

3. Look out for the road condition and a biking without any deceleration is surely risky!

4. Changing your speed or trajectory suddenly may threaten your group mates and drivers on the road.

5. Try different gestures while travelling by bike to relax your neck, wrists and legs, and to stop the bike every half an hour/one hour is highly recommended.

Tips for bycicle beginners

6. Switch down your gear combination as you approach the climb. It’s too late to do it when you feel tougher. Do the same thing also when we bike on off-road/dirt roads as you may need extra strength to keep moving forward.

7. Try to ride at a stable speed. An excess of speeding changing will waste your energy. The first important thing for a long-distance riding tour is saving strength as much as you can for tomorrow.

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