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Cyling in China

  • Use the Gear Shifting Bicycles Correctly and Safely

    Follow the right instructions to use the gear shifting bikes Although we are not professional cycling athletes, still there are some tips helping us to better enjoy our leisure tours. Every cyclist knows how to ride a bicycle but only quite a few understand t...

  • China Cycling Dietary Basic Guide

    Food is an important part during a long-haul cycling tour. Most of the meals are included in our packages. However, there are still some tips you need to know before starting a trip with us.   Food and Drinks 1. Food is easily ordered without language b...

  • Cycling Department of Easy Tour China

    Founded in 1999 by a team of enthusiastic travellers, Easy Tour China was one of the earliest China tour websites and a pioneer in providing tailor-mode China travel services. The company is based in Guilin and running tours all around China.  The Chines...

  • China Weather Guidance for Cyclists

    The coldest month in Guilin is Jan-Feb (highest 12 low 5 in C; high 55 low 42 in F). From March to December it is good for biking with the exception of June during the rainy season. The hottest months are Jul-Aug (high 33 low 25 in C; high 91 low 77 in F). Gui...

  • Cycle Friendly Accommodations in China

    There are a lot of options for accommodation when we cycle around Guilin and Yangshuo, including the international brand hotels, boutique hotels, budget Hotels and Bicycle-friendly and Backpacker-Friendly hostels/guesthouses. We’ll book you twin share rooms ...

  • Cycling Difficulties in China, Surface and Terrain

    Difficulty Level You will not encounter too many difficulties while biking on the national roads/country roads of Guilin. The most challenging thing is the traffic. The traffic condition is not good on popular roads (Guilin to Yangshuo, Guilin to Longshen, et...

  • Guilin Geographical Guidance and Traffic Info for Cyclists

    Cycling around Guilin and Yangshuo of China If you are planning a 1-2 week trip to see the highlights of South China, cycling around Guilin is definitely your best choice. Both Guizhou and Guangxi have stunning Karst mountain scenery, yet Guilin features the ...

  • The Most Popular Cycling Trails in China

    Rent a bicycle in Guilin  Many bike shops in Guilin offer mountain bike rental services, yet there are not many choices as most of the bikes are very basic with poor parts and seldom maintained. Travelers can find those bicycle shops on side roads around...

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