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Customize Your Trip to the Real China

Check out our best China tour packages for American tourists! We incorporate in American most visited destinations: China's Golden Triangle (including Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai), the 3 cities represent different cultures of different historical stages of China, Yangtze River by relaxing and luxury cruise, the beautiful Yellow Mountain & Zhangajijie sandstone mountains & dramatic Guilin Karst peaks, which are UNESCO World Natural Heritages, Tibet, which claims to be “the Third Pole”, Hangzhou, the paradise on the earth, and also known as home of the well dragon tea, and Suzhou, China's Venice, is 2,500 years old...

Easy Tour China, with 20+ years of experience to offer private luxury China tours for US customers, is right here at your service and promises you a once-in-a-life-time China vacation. All of our trips can be customized to meet your personal wishes.

Best Tours to China from USA for First Timers

Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin/Yangshuo - Shanghai
Planning to travel to China from USA with kids? The tour itinerary is perfect for you, with cultural destinations to learn Chinese culture, natural marvels to get close to the outdoors, panda fun, family-friendly activities to cheer up both parents and kids, family-friendly accommodations, meals…
Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Huangshan - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo - Xi'an – Beijing
The discovery tour of China in 16 days is suitable for you providing Shanghai is your entry city. It showcases the most diverse and colorful culture, scenery, cuisine and traditions of China. Travel to China to discover the most beautiful mountains, rivers, classical gardens, ancient wonders…
Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Guilin/Yangshuo - Shanghai
This is one of the China tours especially crafted for senior travelers, so that they can visit the top destinations and all highlights attractions in an easy, safe, low-paced and relaxing way. All the details can be customized based on your needs, including hotels, meals, guide service, etc.

Recommended 2nd or 3rd Time China Tours for US Travelers

Destinations: Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhasa - Namtso - Lhasa
The timeless Tibet is on many Americans’ travel bucket list, for its other-worldly landscapes, fantastic Buddhist culture and art, the mystery, legends, wildness … Tibet is calling you! Embark on a journey to Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Yamdrok Lake, Namtso…
Destinations: Hong Kong - Guilin - Yangshuo - Kunming - Lijiang - Chengdu - Zhangjiajie – Guangzhou
Start your China vacation from Hong Kong to Guilin and Yangshuo for amazing Karst landscape, and then travel off the beaten track to Yunnan for the wildness beauty and Lijiang Old Town. Have a close contact with giant pandas and witness the Avatar floating mountains in Zhangjiajie.

Recommended China Tours for Chinese Americans

Destinations: Beijing - Pingyao - Xi'an - Luoyang - Dengfeng - Zhengzhou - Qufu - Taishan - Nanjing - Suzhou - Shanghai
Are you a Chinese American dreaming of going back to China to learn and experience yourself motherland and local culture? The heritage tour of China is right for you. Talk to your travel consultant of Easy Tour China right now and create an once-in-a-lifetime journey to China.
Destinations: Shenzhen - Chaozhou - Shantou - Xiamen - Ningbo - Hangzhou - Shanghai
Fujian, Canton and Zhejiang are ancestral homes of many Chinese Americans, where you may search for your roots and trace the original culture. Experience the local traditions, real life, authentic foods, visit the local memorial temples, Hakka tulou buildings…

Suggested Asia Tours including China

Destinations: Beijing - Xi’an - Chengdu - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai- Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo - Hakone - Kyoto - Nara – Osaka
For those looking for China and Japan tours from USA? Here’s your chance to start a magical journey of East Asia. Explore the highlights of China with panda and Yangtze cruise, then trip to Japan for another great culture, history and landscapes.
Destinations: Shanghai - Beijing - Xi’an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Phuket – Bangkok
Thailand and Japan are two of the most popular destinations in Asia for American tourists, where you can witness numerous ancient marvels, savor dramatic landscapes and admire amazing Buddhist temples. And relax at the picturesque countryside and sunshine beaches.

Easy Tour China Tours from USA Reviews

On behalf of the Hall and Vergona Family, the trip was truly amazing. I am in Tokyo now and was talking to a couple from Australia about your company. I used Easy Tour in July for an eight day tour and am a returning customer. Thank you very much.
- Helen Hall
Everything about the trip was perfect. All the students and parents are thrilled at the experience the students had, and how smooth everything was. I hope to use your company again in the future if my school allows me to do this trip again
- Alice Davidson

Practical Tips on China Tours from USA

China Visa Tips for US Citizens

  • Where to Apply for China Visa in United States?

    For US citizens, it is easy to travel to China from United States, but still you are asked to obtain a Chinese visa to enter China. You may consult the local Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in United States first for the tourist visa (L visa). They will readily help you go through the necessary procedures. To apply a Chinese tourist visa, you are supposed to prepare your valid passport, passport photos, China tour itinerary with hotels and flight seats bookings.

  • The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in United States:

    ◎The Chinese Embassy in the United States
    Tel: +1-202-337-1956
    Fax: +1-202-588-9760
    Address: 2201 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Suite 110, Washington, D.C. 20007

    ◎Consulate-General of China in New York
    Telephone: (212) 244-9392, (212) 244-9456
    Fax: (212) 465-1708
    Address: 520 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10036
    Consular District: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island

    ◎Consulate General of China in San Francisco
    Tel: 415-872-9091(09:00AM -- 17:00PM)
    Fax: 415-852-5940
    Address: 1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
    Consular District: Northern California and the States of Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

    ◎Consulate General of China in Los Angeles
    Tel: 213-807-8088
    Address: 3rd Floor, 500 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020
    Consular District: the State of Arizona, the State of New Mexico, the State of Hawaii and U.S. Pacific islands including Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa

    ◎Consulate General of China in Chicago
    Tel: 1-312-453-0210
    Fax: 1-312-453-0211
    Address: 1 East Erie Street, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60611
    Consular District: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin

    ◎Consulate General of China in Houston
    Tel: 713-520-1462
    Fax: 713-5210237
    Address: 3417 Montrose Boulevard , Houston , Texas 77006
    Consular District: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Puerto Rico.

    Please contact the embassy or consulate in your region. Otherwise, your application will be delayed or even denied.

Practical Travel Tips for Americans traveling in China

  • What about drinks?

    A: Local tea is commonly served with meals and there is a variety of soft drinks, local and imported beers and wines available for purchase. You should not drink the tap water, bottled water is inexpensive and readily available. If you like a 'cuppa', you may like to bring along a small supply of tea bags, coffee and milk powder. Most rooms have electric jugs or thermos flasks of boiling water to make hot.

  • What are the toilet facilities like on a China tour?

    A: All of hotels reserved for you have western style bathrooms and toilets. Obviously in the more remote areas, they may be a little more basic, but clean and simple is common. Whilst sightseeing, toilet facilities at restaurants and local tourist sites can vary and we would recommend that you carry tissues, wet wipes or disinfectant gel with you, “just in case”.

  • What should I pack?

    A: Casual clothing is appropriate at all times although clothes that are too revealing are still frowned upon in all over China. Try to pack lightly as your trip may involve an amount of personal baggage handling as porters are often not available except in larger hotels. For security reasons it is essential that your baggage can be locked whilst during air transportation between cities. At times, you may not be able to check into your hotel room immediately or be able to access your main bags. To ensure your comfort, a change of clothes in your hand luggage to coincide with local weather conditions is always handy. All personal toiletries should be taken with you and small packets of tissues or wet wipes are recommended. A small medical kit containing medication to alleviate common ailments is suggested.

  • Clothing suggestion:

    Spring (Mar – May) with temperature at 50 - 71.6F: Western suits, jackets, sports coats, woolen jackets, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes

    Summer (Jun – Aug) with temperature above 71.6 F: T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, caps, rain wear

    Autumn (Sep – Nov) with temperature at 50 - 71.6 F: Western suits, jackets, sports coats, light woolen sweaters, rain wear and travel shoes

    Winter (Dec – Feb) with Below 50: Overcoat, thick woolen sweaters, lined coats; In northern China, cap, gloves and cotton-padded shoes are required

  • What credit cards can I use?

    A: At present the Bank of China accepts Master, American Express, Dynasty, Visa, JCB, and Diners Club cards. Travelers may use these cards to draw cash over the exchange counters in China's banks, make purchases or pay bills at large department stores, restaurants and hotels in more than 100 major cities in China. A surcharge of 2% is always charged for card transactions.

  • Where can I get consular assistance when touring in China?

    For American tourists in China, you can obtain consular assistance and further consular information at the following addresses:

    ◎US Embassy Beijing
    Address: No. 55 An Jia Lou Lu 100600
    Tel: (86-10) 8531-3000
    Fax: (86-10) 8531-4200

    ◎U.S. Consulate General Chengdu
    Address: No. 4 Lingshiguan Road Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC 610041
    Tel: (28) 8558-3992
    Fax: (28) 8558-3520

    ◎U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou
    Address: Huaxia Road, Zhujiang New Town, (near Exit B1 of the Zhujiang New Town subway station, Line 3 and Line 5), Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

    ◎U.S. Consulate General Shanghai
    Address: 1469 Huai Hai Zhong Road, (Near Wulumuqi Nan Lu), 200031 Shanghai, China
    Tel: 86-21 8011-2200

    ◎U.S. Consulate General Shenyang
    Address: No. 52, 14 Wei Road, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China 110003
    Tel [86] (24) 2322-1198
    Fax [86] (24) 2322-2374

    ◎U.S. Consulate General Wuhan
    Address: Room 4701, New World International Trade Tower I, No. 568, Jianshe Avenue, Jianghan District, Wuhan 430022
    Tel: 027-8555-7791
    Fax: 027-8555-7761

Direct Flights from USA to China
There are increasing direct flights to China from United States. Therefore the gateway city for your holiday to China hasn’t always to be Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Check it out now and find the most convenient to you at / near your place.

Departure cities in United States: Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Denver. Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Honolulu
Arrival cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Jinan, Xian, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen
Based on feedback from our American guests and our own travel experiences, we've found the following online flight platforms and websites are very helpful for investigating and ticketing airfare to and from each of our trips: united,, American airlines, letsflycheaper, cheapflights, usairways, etc.