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The Wudang Mountains, the famous Taoist shrine in China, is located in the northwestern part of Hubei province, just to the south of the city of Shiyan. It is called Wu Dang Shan or Wudang, renowned for the magnificent ancient building complex which was listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1994. Five Dragon Ancestral Temple, Yuxu Palace, the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the Yuzhen Palace and the Palace of Harmony and other Taoist temples are built on the mountains.

Besides, the mountain is said to be the birthplace of the famous Chinese Wudang Martial Arts. And nowadays, there are many visitors come to the mountain area to learn the thousand-year old Martial arts. Wudangshan also provides appealing natural landscape; it is compromises of 72 peaks, 36 cliffs and 24 valleys. Heavenly Pillar Peak is the main peak of the mountain range, also the highest one with spectacular vision. 

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